5 Best Places to Visit in Italy

Italy is a country of great contrasts and diversity both in places you visit and people you meet. It is a place where you can find art treasures and trendy fashion, homegrown specialties and top-class cuisine, fittingly spectacular cities and medieval architecture. It appeals to singles and couples, art lovers and sun seekers. Italy has so many places to visit that it will take lifetime to grasp.

1. Rome

There are many reasons why you should include Rome in your tourist route across Italy. First of all, Rome is a core treasury of Italian masterpieces and paintings.  Secondly, Rome is a historic capital, and you will notice its identity in monuments, roads and squares. Finally, it is a real paradise for foodies, where you can indulge in delicious Italian cuisine.

2. Sicily

Sicily is one of the largest Italian islands separated from the Italian mainland by the Strait of Messina. The island consists of nine provinces, which welcome tourists with relaxing beaches, amazing prehistoric ruins, Neolithic artefacts and a number of volcanoes. A mix of cultures and traditions are centered in the capital city of Palermo.

3. Italian Lake District

The Italian Lake District is located in the northern part of Italy. The largest lake Garda is surrounded by magnificent mountains with a picturesque Scaliger Castle. One of the deepest lakes in the northern region is Lake Como with a fantastic view from the Grigna Mountains. In the northwestern part of the Italian mainland lies Lake Maggiore known for popular family resorts and mild climate all year round. It is the best destination to plan inspiring adventure holidays for singles.

4. Pompeii

With over two million tourists visiting the city every year, Pompeii is number one Italy’s destination. A tour to Pompeii gives insight into the world’s known House of Gladiators. A large part of the attraction is currently under restoration because of heavy rains, but it still doesn’t lose its ancient charm.

5. Tuscany

There is a plenty of things to do and see in Tuscany. Start exploring the local countryside from Florence and moving to Siena and Pisa. For sun lovers, there are great beaches on Elba. Remember to take a memorable photo with the famous Leaning Tower.


Also I decided to share my exciting moments from Italian trip in 2014 =)




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