GlobeJourneys helps you save on your everyday travel needs: from cheap flights around the globe to top hotel deals, savings on visas, tours and local attractions. Discover more about the places you plan to visit!

What is GlobeJourneys?

GlobeJourneys is a travel project helping you explore new destinations and save while you travel. We work hard on 2 things: getting as much useful information about the destinations we place on our website, and getting top deals on flights, hotels and local tours to make sure you save like a local when you travel abroad.

Why we do this?

It’s simple. We live in an open and inter-connected world. And, the more you travel, the more open your world is. We are strong believers that travel should not be exceptionally expensive (well, unless you’re up to a week or two on a yacht or prefer 5 star hotels only :-)) That’s why we are here to help you save when you explore new destinations so that you can always put off something for a new journey (or top up your holiday with a 4 star hotel instead of a hostel!)

Who we are?

We are a small team of travel enthusiasts passionate about exploring new destinations and sharing our experience with others.

How can you help the project?

We’d be delighted if you support us with comments to our blog articles and/or any other sort of feedback. Please feel free to contact us anytime!