Booking Cheap Flights from Helsinki to Reykjavik

Helsinki Airport is recognized as a hassle-free hub with many direct international flights to the most popular tourist destinations around the globe. Helsinki - Reykjavik route is one of the well-liked

Iceland is a magical and picturesque country with a fascinating history. Reykjavik, the northernmost European capital, is a great destination for alternative city break abundant with outdoor activities and attractions.

Enjoy walking trails and climbing routes up Mount Esja! Do not miss a chance to pamper your body in the hot springs under the Arctic sky! Check out the latest Helsinki – Reykjavik deals and set off for a memorable trip to this volcanically powered island!


Currently, there are 6 direct flights from Helsinki to Reykjavik provided by Icelandair (FI 343) and Finnair (AY 6817). The Boeing 752 overcomes the distance of 2441 kilometers between the destinations in 3 hours and 25 minutes on average.

If your flight days are flexible and you are looking for a good deal, play with the calendar below to find up-to-date flight options at an affordable price. The calendar shows the lowest fare from Helsinki to Reykjavik by month and day of the week.

You might find that the lowest prices are for the flights in May and August, while the cheapest day to fly from Helsinki to Reykjavik is Tuesday.

tuesday calendar

Mind, that your trip from Helsinki to Reykjavik can be significantly cheaper if you choose a multi-stop flight. The most common connecting cities when flying from Helsinki to Reykjavik are Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. Although connecting flights may imply some inconvenience, you can save from 20% to 60% when buying a ticket for a multi-stop flight as opposed to a direct one.

Surprisingly, there is little price difference between booking a round trip flight versus a one way ticket. The advantage you get when buying one-way tickets is flexibility. However, booking a round trip from Helsinki to Reykjavik and backward is a simpler process. You can compare the prices for round trip and one way flights by switching between “one way” and “round trip” options in the calendar.

Just keep in mind that different airlines offer different comfort and service levels, so check with your expectations when choosing an airline.

Keep up with the latest deals for Helsinki – Reykjavik cheap flights – book tickets and hotels via search form below.

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