Europe is the second-smallest continent covering about eight per cent of the Earth's surface and home to eleven per cent of the world’s population. But when you talk about Europe, size doesn't matter. As a travel destination, with its tourist popularity Europe is unrivaled around the world.

Roman Forum

The undeniably advantageous feature of Europe is its compactness and proximity of all of its incredible countries. You can easily hop on a plane, or take a train to any destination and explore its top attractions just in a couple of hours.  Hardly anywhere in the world can you explore so many different cultures, and see such diverse natural and man-made beauty all in one relatively small area.

Having rejoiced over all its earthshaking discoveries and great inventions, as well as endured all kind of plague and bloodshed throughout its history, Europe reverently treasures its cultural heritage, witnessing different epochs from the prehistoric times to nowadays. Europe offers myriad of architectural and visual art masterpieces, but it doesn’t mean sprinting through museums and galleries alone – much of the must-see attractions boast of most picturesque natural setting.


If charming landscapes and mature culture are still not enough to draw your attention, the crazy-delicious authentic cuisine, lucrative shopping offers and countless leisure opportunities would suffice a most conceited traveller.

The popular tourist destination countries in Europe include France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. However, you are sure to find your own personal reason to visit this or that country while in Europe. If it’s not for Roman ruins or Gaudi’s edifices, it must be just for the welcoming atmosphere of the winding narrow streets with cosy cafes, as well as its general miniature-scaled lifestyle.


Places in Europe

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