What do you know about Germany? Germany is a bastion of a solid economy amidst the euro zone crisis, maintaining a leading political role, the land of poets and thinkers, as well as engineers, the global producer of well-reputed vehicles, chemicals, equipment and household goods.

Germany has given us the printing press, automobile, and aspirin. It is the place of birth of Martin Luther, Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Goethe, Beethoven, the Brothers Grimm and other giants who have contributed greatly to the world cultural heritage and history.

The country is both deeply conservative, with strong commitment to tradition, hard work, and precision, and one of the world’s most liberal states with a generous social welfare policy. Ever conscious of the darkest aspects of its history, Germany is nowadays the world trend setter that permanently thinks toward the future.

As a travel destination, Germany offers a fusion of cosmopolitan cities, charming medieval castles, fairy-tale villages and epic landscapes.


Enjoy the beauty of nature on thrilling hiking trails, follow one of the exciting cycle routes or discover the cultural treasures of the Germany’s towns and cities. There is so much to choose from, whether you want to relish a relaxing beach holiday on the North Sea or Baltic coast or look forward to discovering vibrant destinations with fascinating culture and remarkable traditions.

It’s well worth visiting Germany to explore the sky-scraping peaks of the Bavarian Alps, romantic river valleys of the Rhine, and the lonely splendour of Mecklenburg Lake District, as well as to indulge into feasts and treats of the German spirit-lifting culture.


See the highlights of the enchanting country of Germany in the video below.

Places in Germany

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