Most people associate Frankfurt with banks and stocks – and not without a reason. With its businesses, cutting edge architecture and Europe's third-largest airport, Frankfurt stays ahead of the times, whilst preserving traditions at the same time.

The city’s skyline, dominated by the cluster of the tall buildings in the banking quarter, has an air of North America, earning Frankfurt the nicknames “Mainhattan” and “Chicago on the Main”. Might come a surprise, the financial district is well worth visiting even for art lovers, since Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and DZ Bank own art collections any museum would be proud of.

Indeed, there is much more to the city than just big business. Frankfurt has an outstanding museum scene. A thousand years of arts and crafts are represented at the Museum of Applied Art (MAK). The Museum of Modern Art (MMK) is well worth a visit too. There is also the film museum and the architecture museum, which itself is an example of innovative building design.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Gallery at the magnificent Städel Institute of Art is one of Germany’s famous art galleries and features European art masterpieces from 1945 onwards, including such celebrated names as Joseph Beuys and Gerhard Richter. the Schirn Kunsthalle gallery is known as an important exhibition house in Europe. There are also a number of less mainstream art galleries with exceptional displays in the city.

In Frankfurt you can retrace the footsteps of Wolfgang von Goethe at Goethe’s House or in Gerbermühle, an old-fashioned beer garden on the banks of the river Main, where the poet used to indulge in an occasional glass of cider.

Watch the highlights of the city with Germany’s ultimate skyline in video below.


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