While some people call it the beer and sausage obsessed Millionendorf – a village with a million inhabitants, Munich is actually Germany's lifestyle capital, a modern city with great heritage

Munich is the Bavarian metropolis with cute Mediterranean-style street cafes and beer halls, highbrow art and high-tech industry. The city is considered Germany’s unofficial southern capital since more and more visitors come to Munich year by year, especially in summer and during Oktoberfest.

Munich’s walkable centre has a small town air but holds some world class sights, especially art galleries and museums. The people of Munich are proud of the city’s museums, such as the Deutsches Museum, the world’s biggest science and technology museum, as well as the Pinakotheken galleries. The BMW Museum covers the city’s automotive heritage.

So, when you find your bearings in Bavaria’s capital, go explore the masterpieces of art, science, and technology, wander through the expansive English Garden, or visit the Allianz Arena to see the Bayern Munich team play.

You can find charming little bars, cosy cafés and boutiques In Munich’s Art Quarter. The luxury shopping boulevards are Ludwigstrasse, Maximilianstrasse, Kaufinger Strasse or the Tal. Everything on sale in these streets, from wonderful antiques to the latest fashion, has a high price to match its high quality.

For a relaxed atmosphere and partying, head to the trendy Schwabing district, Glockenbachviertel, Gärtnerplatz square and Müllerstrasse.

To get some air of Munich watch the time-lapse photography below.

MUNICH IN MOTION from Greg Kiss on Vimeo.


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