France: a paradise for romantic vacations

“La belle France”… There are many reasons to romanticize and idealize France like no other country in the world. A fantastic cruise on the Seine, a marriage proposal on the Eiffel Tower, a dinner for two at a restaurant with classic French luxury – this country has the right mix of ingredients for romantic pastime with lifelong memories. The friendly French, inspiring history, vibrant and authentic cities and, of course breathtaking landscapes, all contribute to once-in-a-lifetime experience for honeymooners and couples in love. Here is our list of must-see cities and places to explore in adventure trips for couples.


There is no other place in France that says romance like Paris. It is the idyllic place to declare and celebrate your love. Go for an exciting trip around Parisian streets and avenues, toast each other at the top of the Eiffel Tower with a breathtaking city view, or let yourself be treated as a gourmet at a local restaurant.


Do you know Cannes as a place of the world’s famous film festival? Explore the other side of it as a splendid resort town on the French Riviera. For day trips, visit the Verdon Gorges, a spectacular river canyon, and Valley of the Roya in the Alpes Maritimes area. For historic inspiration, go to Cannes on 18-19 September, where all historic sights are open and free.

Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is known as the “Garden of France” and welcomes everyone to dip into a real-life fairy tale. In the Middle Ages and during the Hundred Years’ War, the Loire Valley was a strategic place for the French Kings. These days, it is a marvelous countryside filled with impressive castles on the bank of the Loire River. Get memorable experience at some castles converted to hotels and feel the real taste of royalty with your truelove.


These are legendary ruins of the medieval castle that was built by Cathars, a religious movement criticized by the Roman Catholic Church. It is the in the Montsegur castle where the Cathars actually captivated Crusaders for months. With a beautiful countryside all around, Montsegur Chateau is a prominent place with impressive atmosphere stepped in history.


Think romance and have fabulous time in France!




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