How to Fly Cheap From Helsinki and See Most of Prague

Helsinki Airport is recognized as a hassle-free hub with many international flights to the most popular tourist destinations around the globe. Helsinki - Prague weekend route is among the trendiest

Prague is a cultural and historical hot spot with fabulous Baroque cathedrals and a maze of cobbled lanes and hidden courtyards of Old Town. There is no shortage of wonders in the Czech capital – promenade through its lavish gardens, drop in a cute old-fashioned cafe or hang out in a medieval tavern and enjoy the world’s finest brews and amazingly breezy drinking culture of the Golden City of a Hundred Spires.

If you are wondering, how far in advance you should book flights from Helsinki to Prague play with the smart calendar below to find an apt offer and book your tickets to Prague today!

Even through a rough overview you’ll see that non-stop round trip flights from Helsinki to Prague are cheaper compared to connecting flights.

There are more than 20 direct flights from Helsinki to Prague, most of them provided by Finnair. With Finnair, you get from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Vaclav Havel Airport in slightly more than 2 hours.

The calendar also shows the lowest fares by month to fly from Helsinki to Prague.

It’s easy to predict, that the Czech capital overflows with tourists in December, while a wish for a magic Christmas holiday against the background of the snow-capped Gothic spires is easy to understand. Nonetheless, Prague is breathtaking throughout the whole year, regardless of the season. So it’s worth considering such shoulder seasons as spring and autumn which are both lovely and almost tourist-free.


Going off-stream and booking tickets for a trip in May and June will not only save you some money. This is a perfect time for an eventful stay in Prague too. Numerous festivals, art and photography displays, theatrical performances take place at various venues of the city at this time.

Labour Day, Prague Spring, International Marathon, World Roma Festival, and even Tattoo Convention – just to name a few! Major international classical and jazz music festivals are held in historical buildings, churches and theatres across Prague in May and June.


As a matter of fact, being flexible with the travel dates can cut down on your flight costs. Refer to the calendar above to view the best days of the week to book flights to Prague. Wednesday seems the lowest cost day, but the situation may vary depending on the month.

To be on the safe side and get the latest promotions for your trip to Prague, find the best cheap flight and hotel deal for your dates via the form below.

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