The most popular Finnish beverages are:

  • Lakka is a cloudberry liqueur with a mature sweet flavor and distinct aroma.
  • Sima is sparkling mead-like beverage which is today fermented with various types of sugars and mixed with lemon, raisins and dry yeast. A cheaper variety of sima is produced with apple wine, grape juice, and carbonated water.
  • Sahti is Finnish farmhouse ale with a strong body and an even stronger punch. The beer is filtered through juniper branches, giving it berry overtones and a pretty ruby shine.
  • Koskenkorva Viina, often referred to as Koskenkorva or Kossu, is the most popular of clear spirits in Finland. Named after a small Finnish village, Koskenkorva has become a symbol of the Finnish culture.
  • Finlandia Vodka, with approximately 80% alcohol content, is one of the most popular Finnish alcoholic beverages. It has a dry taste and unlike Laka, Sima, and Koskenkorva lacks sweetness.
  • Salmiakki Koskenkorva (Salmari) is a vodka cocktail, pre-mixed with Koskenkorva Viina and Turkish pepper salty liquorice.
Sima Finnish Fermented Lemon Drink

Sima fermented lemon drink

Mind that it’s ok to drink ridiculous quantities of alcohol in Finland. So, when in Suomi, be prepared to have an open-minded attitude towards the Finnish national drinking habit.