A two-day carnival of May Day aka Vappu is celebrated around May 1st with boisterous drinking and funny costumes.

Finnish girls drinking

Midsummer celebration – originally a celebration of the summer solstice – is time for burning bonfires at lakeside, sauna bathing, swimming, grilling sausages and having a few drinks.


Apart from traditional celebrations, Finland offers a range of extraordinary entertainment and quirky events. How about two-day Wife Carrying World Championship in Sonkajärvi in early July?

wifу carrying

Or Mobile Throwing World Championship in Savonlinna in August? Take an opportunity to express all your frustration towards devices and compete in creativity of freestyle throwing.

For those fond of sport, swamp football and snow football championships take place in Kainuu.

You might also be interested in Seinäjoki Tango Festival where you can join the election of the Tango Queen and Tango King.

In winter take a chance in Yukigassen Snowball Fighting Competition.

Yukigassen Snowball Fighting Competition

And keep in mind, that the farther up north you go – the crazier the events.