Photo: People

The people of Suomi are modest and downplay their own accomplishments. They say it takes quite a time to gain the trust or be invited inside a Finn’s home. But once you gain their friendship, it is for a lifetime. Seemingly serious, Finns however have sharp and sarcastic sense of humor.

Remember that Finnish women are independent and rely on equality. This is true when it comes to drinking, as well. In general, women are more social while men are extremely shy and less talkative.

Apparently, Finns have high tolerance for silence – you can witness it in any public place. Nevertheless, the almost-hostile look is deceiving. Despite the lack of need for small talks they express over-all willingness to help tourists. Moreover, Finns follow the international news with great interest and have strong opinions about the events.

While we may think that half a year of semi-darkness followed by six months of almost permanent daylight would drive most people mad, the seemingly introverted nation has a wonderful time and shows its exuberant side on national festivals.