Germans are renowned for their orderliness and respect for rules and authority. Indeed, you still can come across upright citizens waiting patiently for the green light despite the absence of traffic. However, attitudes vary across the country – the people of the south tend to be more conservative than the liberals of the north.

While Germany is a friendly, multiethnic and multicultural country, its metropolises, such as Berlin and Hamburg, have always been famous for their immigration tolerance.

It’s also worth mentioning that Germans, especially young ones, put greater emphasis on personal freedom and creativity than on wealth and status symbols.

Whatever the stereotypes, Germans don’t take themselves seriously and enjoy joking. It seems like it is German good sense of humour that can account for the popularity of nudism in the country. So don’t be shocked to run into nude areas on some beaches or even public parks. Also mind that mixed-sex nudity is quite acceptable in spas.

Such open-mindedness also extends to tolerance towards smoking. Germany has banned smoking in public places, but when it comes to lighting up in restaurants, bars, cinemas and theatres, rules differ from region to region. In general most bars are smoke free or have a separate smoking room. Berlin has lenient regulations on smoking, while Bavaria has the toughest ones, banning smoking practically everywhere, except at the Oktoberfest. To be on the safe side, just ask before you light up.