How to Save on Flights from Helsinki to Rome

Helsinki Airport is recognized as a hassle-free hub with many international flights to the major tourist destinations around the globe. Flights from Helsinki to Rome are much in demand

In a place as historic as Rome, you don’t have to go too far to find amazing art and architecture. With the ancient ruins of the Roman Forum and the Colosseum that evoke the power of the former Roman Empire, the City of the Seven Hills is a masterpiece itself.

Being packed with attractions, Rome gives travellers a hard time to decide where to start. Whatever you’ve made up your mind to do, it would be a shame to visit Rome without getting a glimpse of the globally influential Roman art – magnificent Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes, Caravaggio paintings at Santa Maria del Popolo, Bernini’s statue Ecstasy of Saint Teresa at Santa Maria della Vittoria, or St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. And, of course, you haven’t been to Rome if you didn’t eat your fill of gelato!


The shortest direct flight from Helsinki to Rome is operated by Finnair (AY 3243) and takes on average 3 hours and 25 minutes. Other airlines flying to Rome from Helsinki include KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Lufthansa, airBaltic, SWISS, Air France, Vueling, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and Aeroflot Russian Airlines.

Flying from Helsinki to Rome can end up being the most expensive part of your vacation though. So if you are a budget-minded traveller, use some tips below to find affordable flights to Rome.

Since ticket prices often change right up to the departure time, when is the best time to book the flight, is one of the most burdening decisions travellers have to take. The advice is to book tickets as far in advance as possible. The sweet spot for booking cheap flights within Europe is said to be 21 or 22 weeks in advance.

To boost your savings, take the least expensive route to Rome – check flights to another European hub and fly with low cost airlines like easyJet or Ryanair to your final destination in Italy. Airlines like British Airways and Alitalia often have budget friendly fares between London and Rome. However, airports in Madrid, Dublin or Shannon tend to be cheaper jump-off points than London or Paris. In case with budget carriers like Ryanair you should mind extra costs for baggage check-in.

Then, to fly to Rome on a budget, you need to travel off-season, which is in spring and autumn – the months outside the school holidays are always an affordable season.

While the middle of the summer is the busiest time in Rome and the airfare is at its highest, the best time to visit the Eternal City is surely the shoulder season, which falls on the months from September to October and from April to June. At this time, the days are still warm, the nights are slightly cool, and the place is not overcrowded.

When in Rome at this time, do not miss a chance to partake in such key events as Rome Marathon in March, Holy Week and Easter in April, International Horse Show and International Literature Festival in May – June, or the White Night of Rome in September.

Another bonus of travelling in the off-peak seasons is that you’re more likely to save on hotels as well.


If you are looking for low fare deals on flights from Helsinki to Rome, compare different offers from several airlines by month and day. Be flexible with your travel plans and play around with the dates. As a rule, flying on a weekend is pricier, so consider flights to Italy on Monday through Thursday. With the smart calendar below you’re sure to find the best deals!

Actually, you can spend hours looking for the perfect flight to Rome, but after a certain point, it’s worth booking the best flight you’ve found, because the longer you wait, the higher fares grow. To see the latest deals for Helsinki – Rome cheap flights and hotels use the search form below.

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