Single Travel

While it is great to share precious moments of adventure with a family or like-minded friends, there are some compelling reasons to have solo travel experience from time to time. When you are alone on a tour, you don’t have to adjust to anybody but yourself. You can do exactly what you want with an infinite space of possibilities and ultimate freedom.

Tired of following the tourist crowd? Set out on your own independent tour with a list of top countries for spectaculous adventure holidays for singles.      


The best way to explore cultural and natural wonders of Norway is to take a tour on a coastal streamer.  You will be able to sail up the coast of the country, cross some of Norway’s beautiful fjords and shop at prominent seaports along the way. Or you can go for an adventurous trek across the fjords and see the northern lights with you own eyes.  


With almost 4,000 miles of railways, Austria will take you 12 days to travel from Vienna through Salzburg to Innsbruck. During your stay in Salzburg, visit the most extraordinary music festival with a wide range of styles and genres, from classic music to world premieres. You can take a tour to the turquoise waters and enjoy almost tropical swimming experience in Klopeiner See.  

Costa Rica

Costa Rica seduces young solo travelers throughout the world with its tropical beaches, an exotic mix of flora and fauna, amazing waterfalls and dormant volcanoes. The country can be explored from Pacific to Nicaragua and Panama, and there will be still much left to discover. Besides Costa Rica’s natural paradise, the other important thing that entices tourists is the friendliness of local people who have perfectly adjusted to the rhythm of the pure life land.


Welcome to the place “where the land ends”, as the name of the country of Chile is meant in the native tongue. Maybe it derives from the world’s longest coastlines that spread all along the Chilean land or the highest lakes that go beyond the sea level. One way or another, Chile is a great country to lose yourself in snow-capped mountains and driest deserts (just mentally – not physically, we mean).    


Spend a few days in a bustling megapolis of Tokyo, and then take a railroad tour by Fuji Mountain and blend in the evenness of old Kyoto. From a myriad of sights and museums to hot spring baths and sushi restaurant – Japan has always something to inspire a single-traveler.

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