Tips for planning a perfect honeymoon

A perfect honeymoon means different things to different couples. Some newlyweds appreciate peace, when they can enjoy laid-back island life and find a romantic escape. Others need both physical and spiritual inspiration, which encourages them to look for active leisure-time pursuits. Irrespective of your travelling preferences, a perfect honeymoon should indulge you in unforgettable experience with flawless service.


Planning ahead is a fine way to rethink your journey in tiny details, from relaxation and all-inclusive spa to active leisure and sightseeing. Here are our most prominent takeaways to plan an amazing newlywed dream vacation.

Be unique

Honeymoon is an once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and you should make it exciting and eventful, so that it brings unique experience. Select a destination spot that you both like rather than booking exactly the same tour that your friends once had.

Plan your budget

You should put aside budget that you need for hotel booking, transportation and on-the-spot amusement such as excursions and some special events. Travelling across honeymoon destinations in the world may imply incidentals. Therefore, set aside some money in case you need to pay for something you have not planned, i.e. pharmacy, extra tickets, a long-distance phone call, etc.

Make a to-do list

Making a to-do list doesn’t mean you should plan out every minute of your honeymoon tour. You’ll be pressed for time till your wedding day, and a heavily pressed honeymoon isn’t a good way to seek for relaxation. Make a list of things you will both enjoy: a sunset cruise, spa treatment or a romantic dinner on the beach.

Create new memories

Honeymoon is your first family holiday, when you treat each other as a couple. Celebrate the birth of your family life and snap some photos to capture those unforgettable moments and share them with close friends and relatives.

On top of that, be romantic and don’t worry if you won’t manage to do everything on your list. There is no better experience for honeymooners than being together in love!


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