Top Most Travel-Friendly Countries in the World

The aspect of friendliness has become essential for many foreigners traveling around the world. Amiability and hospitality of locals means it is easier to connect and communicate with people of different cultures and backgrounds. Do you want to be sure of a warm welcome? Look into the list of the world’s friendliest countries towards foreigners.


In the heart of smoking geysers and magical northern lights, there is always a place for a foreigner of any age who seeks something to boggle the imagination. Despite cold oceanic climate, Iceland voted to be one of the most warm-hearted and welcoming nations on earth.

New Zealand

New Zealand ranks second friendliest land for foreigners. New Zealanders, or Kiwi people, generally tend to be easy-going and goodhearted towards newcomers. On top of that, New Zealand inspires with its breathtaking flora and fauna.


The attitude of Moroccan people toward foreign visitors is very welcoming. A synergy of exotic natural landscapes and one-of-a-kind sights is what makes Morocco an enjoyable travel destination for singles, couples and families.


Experience hospitality of the Macedonian nation in one of villages spreading across mountainous terrains with picturesque landscapes. Find out about local customs and traditions and you’ll see why Macedonia tops rankings of the most welcoming countries for tourists.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Tourism in one of Europe’s most charming countries is reaching new heights. Breath-taking scenery, picturesque mountain villages and cultural fusion makes it a captivating destination for both adventurers and peace-seekers. Add to all that friendly and enthusiastic locals and there will be no better place to go.


How could you expect the country, where Guinness is a national drink, to be cattish or something of the kind? Ireland is proud of its travel-friendly nation with centuries-old historic attractions and green-year-round landscapes.

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