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Family vacation is a long-awaited time full of sweet memories both for parents and for kids. But how do you know which amenities will be the most accommodating for your family? A beach resort, camping, hiking or maybe all the indoor and outdoor activities a family can dream of?

Every family is different, and before you start planning your next vacation spot, decide what you are seeking for in a trip. If you have no particular ideas for family travel destinations, look for multi-generation resorts with all-inclusive services, from kid’s meal menu and amusement programs to pampering spa, watersports and family activities.   

Hurghada, Egypt

Legends about pharaohs, sandcastles, unbound seaside resorts… Is it the envision about a perfect family tour you have? Then enjoy your holidays from the comfort of all-inclusive resorts and villas in Hurghada. It is the most well-known destination for world-class diving and shopping. Kids will have enjoyable time at Titanic Aqua Park or broaden the horizon in submarine tours.  

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Sunny Beach resort is a very popular family resort on the Black Sea coastline. Along with traditional sunbathing on fine-sanded beaches, enjoy dining at restaurants with Bulgarian cuisine, discover local attractions and take time for sport facilities like water skiing, parachutes, banana surfing, paddle boats and yacht sailing to make your family vacations inspiring and memorable.  

Rhodos, Greece

Rhodos is one of the most visited Greek islands with adorable sandy beaches and eventful history. Rhodos is ready to take care of every aspect that an ideal family vacation implies, from family-oriented accommodations and shallow waters of the Aegean Sea to art and dance festivals, medieval attractions and peaceful walks across the only natural sweetgum forest in Europe – the Butterfly Valley.  

Honolulu, Oahu  

Honolulu offers is one of the most amazing child-friendly destinations designated for family holidays. Hotels sit along the shore close to major amusement spots. Here you can take a chance to snorkel in warm Hawaii waters and explore its animated fauna, swim with dolphins and sea turtles. Indeed, you can have a family tour to the Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, where adults and kids can make a splash with a variety of water games and activities.

Snowbird, Utah

Are you dreaming of adventurous winter vacations? Welcome to Snowbird at Little Cottonwood Canyon, where everyone, small and big, are offered with almost 5,000 acres of mountain to prove and practice their skiing skills. Are you not much interested in high slopes? Enjoy ice skating, snowshoe tours or have a luxurious massage at a local spa.    

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