Traveller Tips: How to be a traveller, not just a tourist

When setting off as a traveller, most of us think of such essential things as eventful tour planning and bringing everything necessary with us. However, when visiting a destination, any tourist should be a responsible traveller, not a stranger filled with stereotypes and who ignores foreign traditions and customs. Being responsible means showing commitment to the place and people who welcome you to feel like home.

Read here a handful of traveller tips to help you bring the good to your travel and leave an adequate impression in minds of local people.

Respect culture

Before you have you luggage ready packed, make sure you know something about the country you are going to visit: culture, traditions and religious beliefs. Read in details about the places you will visit, local guides and dressing habits. It is better to learn beforehand, if there is a bad habit to wear short skirts and shorts or add spices to local food.  

Learn common phrases

It doesn’t mean that you should have a perfect command of the language you haven’t learnt before. However, it always helps when you speak a few words of the language in a country you travel to. A couple of polite phrases like “hello”, “you are welcome” and “thanks” will be enough.

Ask before taking photo

Asking for permission before you take a photo with locals means being respectful to them. In some countries, making a photo is insulting, as locals believe that a picture steals a part of their soul. In many European countries, locals expect to get tips, when travelers want to take a photo with them. In particular, in the majority of temples, synagogues and churches photography is actually not allowed.

Be a conscious shopper

As you visit a foreign country, be ready to eat at local restaurants, buy locally produced goods and take environmentally friendly tours that contribute to the local community.

Explore unknown places

Okay, you have spent a couple of hours planning a perfect route for your long-awaited holiday. However, don’t you want to get truly memorable impressions and excite your relatives with photos of some unique tourist places where you left a footprint? It is always enticing to go other ways compared to those that tourists usually take.

Don’t be afraid of serendipity! Common sense is the best solution to any issue that may occur.

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