Useful Mobile Apps for Travel

With mobile devices always at hand, travelers no longer need to waste time at various stages of the planning process. A great batch of mobile apps helps you search for good deals on flights, hotel bookings, best tours and car rentals. Some apps provide a helping hand while you are at your destination and give access to your current location, little-known restaurants, popular tourism spots and travel events. Here is a guide to the best apps to help you feel relaxed and make sure everything is under control. All you have to do is download them and enjoy travelling around the world.


Travel arrangement just got automated. The mobile app gives access to airlines, hotels and restaurants and creates a detailed travel tour in one place. Based on the planned schedule, Triplt provides weather updates, flight statuses and other valuable notifications to keep you in the loop in real time.



Search for the best shops, restaurants and bars has never been easier. With Yelp, you can have fresh reviews written by travelers for travelers and take the right decision about top places to eat, drink and buy branded clothing. With an extended search by ZIP code or city, Yelp is customized to serve your adventure trips anywhere around the world.



With over 150 destinations, the travel app offers a full map of surroundings, guides and must-see attractions in the most visited world’s countries. Tripwolf’s suggestions can help you track your current location, get back to your hotel or plan your next adventure within a single click.



The innovative app won’t let travelers get lost in the itineraries of the transportation system. All you need to do is to specify the start and end points and find the best bus or train route to travel. HopStop creates a map of public itineraries for over 16 cities and states across Europe and the US.



With enticing travel photos and articles, Pinterest lets mobile active travelers “pin” their locations or things they find inspiring on themed boards. Along with travelling, Pinterest is a great tool to explore and share creative ideas about home décor, hobbies, beauty and fashion and many more.


Travelling around the world goes mobile. Just grab your smartphone and look up everything you need on the go!


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